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Seasons. Vinyl. Perfection. 


If you live in the Northeast it's been HOT!!!  (I guess even if you don't live in the northeast it's been hot here...)

93 yesterday. Whew. Part of me wants to complain cause, well, 93 is hot no matter what. Another part of me has tried to spend as much time outside as possible since it IS the end of September and cooler weather is coming soon. I personally don't mind it so much unless its humid. I hate humidity. Yesterday was humid. So you see my conflict haha.

Humidity makes me sluggish. I just…

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Car Accident, Summer, Life, Music 

I've been away too long. Damn time flies.

So I had a car accident about a month ago. My barely 1 year old Jeep got totaled. Someone turned left in front of me at a green light at an intersection. I drive like an old lady thankfully so I might have been going 35 before I saw the car appear in front of me. Funny. Cars we are used to seeing coming at us in the opposite lane suddenly seem HUGE when they unexpectedly jump right in front of you. And it's not like you think from TV and movies. The impact was…

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Humming along. New Songs. Radio 


Psst.... c'mere.  Closer.  CLOSER  I gots a secret


Shh.   It's a secret. Remember?  

Ok so, guess writing in all caps at the beginning of a public blog isn't exactly the best way to keep a secret. So screw it. It's NOT a secret. Hey- I have songs. A funny thing happened to me in the last few weeks. Know all those songs I talked about in the last couple entries? NO? Well, go read them. Scroll.  I'll be here. Anyway-I actually turned shit on, turned it up, made things move, played a couple things. Typed lyrics. Sang. Mixed.  And you know what? A lot of those songs were WAY closer to being finished than I had originally thought. Funny how we can fool ourselves into thinking things. That aren't really true. I've been telling myself for oh I don't know--almost 6 years, that I was NOWHERE near finished. That I'd wasted all this time. All. This. Time.  I'm happy to say...WRONG!!!!

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October Update 

There's an inspiring post title.  October update. You're on the edge of your seat. Probably breathing heavy. Heart rate is up. Maybe breaking out in a sweat. "This, you think, THIS is what I've been waiting for! The October Update!!!"

Man time gets away from us sometimes. Today is 70 ish but rainy. The leaves are coming down with a vengeance. Tomorrow is only supposed to be in the 40's and then, well it's November. Summer was awesome but went too fast. But-- this weather is always great for locking myself away and working on music. So hey, let's talk about that.

I have 27---27! songs in 'almost done' form.  That's a lot. That's not all though. I have been recording song ideas/sketches into my phone for the past couple of years too. There are over 150 MORE ideas there. Kinda makes me wonder why I haven't put out 17 albums. Then again, none of them are all the way finished either so...there's that.

I took a ride today and listened to the 27 that are the most 'done'. For the past couple of weeks I have been writing lyrics and once that is done (that always comes last for me) all that's really left is singing.  It's that close.  It's that close. On the ride I also realized that 4-5 of these really are done. I don't know why I thought I had so much left to do with a few of them. Sometimes distance is needed I guess. Space. Time away to make you realize what you have. Or just to hear with fresh ears. 

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The Long and Winding Road 

Cheesy to use a Beatles title? Maybe. But hey- I'm writing something. It's been awhile. Way too long actually. I'm typing and really realizing how long it's been. 6 years since I've done-well anything here. So what the hell happened?

I guess if I go back it's just--life. Life happens. I released 2 records 6  months apart in 2009/2010. Toured. Bought a house. Got 3 new dogs. One dog passed away. Still have 6 somehow. How does that even happen? Got into the fitness business. Opened a gym. Closed this year in…Read more
Read all about the songs and recording of the new album

Read all about the songs and recording of the new album