2 Songs from "Painting the Silence Vol. 1" on WEXT Countdown


I hope everyone had a great holiday season. It's been blistering cold here in Upstate NY. Today is 35 and I feel like I should wear shorts. Heatwave!

I've been laying low and taking a little break but I'm happy to announce that 2 songs from 'Painting the Silence Vol.1' made the WEXT end of year countdown!! I want to thank Chris Wienk, Andy Gregory and the staff for being so supportive of my music over the years. 

You can check out the entire list and maybe find some new favorite songs or artists. I listened to the whole thing and I'm always blown away by the amount of talent that our area has. 

I'm keeping this one short but the last piece of news is that I'm nearly finished with the first cover song I've ever recorded. It's one of my all time favorite songs and it will be finished soon! Stay tuned

Happy New Year! I have a feeling I'll be releasing a lot of music this year. 



WEXT 2017 Countdown Top 60

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