"This album (Painting the Silence Vol.1). You've outdone yourself. Each time I go back to it, I feel these are among your best songs. ...this record is consistently great."”

— Chris Wienk, Program Director 97.7 WEXT

Grutka’s got some serious talent...Best of all, he’s got the songs. Smart tunes with the requisite Beatles-pop roots, to be sure, but he stretches out beyond the usual pop protocol without abandoning accessibility. ”

— Greg Haymes: Nippertown

There are few artists out there anymore that transcend. The type of artists that used to take you away from the mundane of the everyday, and deliver you into spaces of passion, emotion and soul. With the harmonies of their voice and the magic behind their music they wouldn’t just create songs; they created worlds. Mike Grutka has created such a world ”

— Zack Daggy: The Mothpod

Mike Grutka

Mike Grutka is a singer-songwriter from Albany, NY. Often compared (especially vocally) to R.E.M. Mike has enjoyed radio play nationwide over his last 3 records as well as touring the east coast sharing the stage with everyone from World Party, .38 Special, The Dirty Heads, They Might Be Giants and more. Occasional full band shows augment his high-energy solo acoustic shows which have captured fans nationwide. 

Mike's music ranges from country folk to Radiohead-like soundscapes a sound he describes as 'Acoustic based funky modern roots rock-n-roll' Growing up he learned violin and added many instruments along the way. Starting to write and record songs was the next logical step. He's released 5 critically acclaimed albums and just put out his newest album 'Painting the Silence Vol. 1'. 

"I play music because I have to. One of my favorite lines is from an R.E.M. song and it sums up why I do what I do. 'Music will provide the light you can not resist'. I just love that. It says exactly what it feels like, to me, to create and perform."

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