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Track 10: See the Light 

I love R.E.M.  One of my favorite songs by them ends the Automatic for the People album. 'Find the River'. Yeah I like pretty songs. I always wanted to have a closer like that. The perfect kind of ending to all the songs that came before it. Now when I wrote this I wasn't thinking of that song and this sounds nothing like that. It never occurred to me to compare. Then when I was getting the artwork done for the record my buddy Todd Moreland told me that he really really loved this song. I always give him…

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Track 9: Painting the Silence 

Painting the Silence. Title track. 

I've only done this once before. I think it's kinda boring to name your album after a song that's on it. Most of the time. It's just a thing I have.

Anyway. This album title came from a quote "A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."

I loved that. So that was the title of the record long before it was even formed. This song however had no title and no words until this autumn. And I LOVE THIS SONG.

I mean I like all my…

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Track 8: Dream of You 

Ah so. This is probably one of the only 'direct' lyrics I've ever written. I usually write more in 'scenes' or incomplete thoughts that make a whole picture. But this one just kinda had to be this way.

Everyone wants love. Right? And we hear all the time about love at first sight. Looking at someone and just knowing.

There ya go. That's it. Ha. 

Brian Kaplan again played lead guitar and I love what he did here. Floaty. Soaring. He really nailed the feeling of finding the love of your life.

Oh and just…

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Track 7: I Know You Know 

This is one of the oldest songs that made the album. I had just moved and it was a warm day in March. I took my guitar out onto my deck and started messing around. Came up with a cool melody so I recorded into my phone. This is one of those lucky moments when it just--clicked. If I played you the phone recording you'd see that nearly all the lyrics came out at once. 

When this happens I'm always baffled. I didn't sit down to write a song. I had no idea in my head. It just came out. Maybe I'm just a…

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Welcome to side 2. Track 6: Winter Song 

So yeah, Side 2!!

I LOVE records. I've always had a bunch and the last few years I've gotten back into collecting them. Not just old stuff either. I have almost all the Radiohead albums on's pretty cool. You should try it! For this album I'm selling real honest to goodness records. Mainly cause I wanted one for me haha. Seriously! How fucking cool is it going to be to hold a 12x12 album of MY music in my own little hands? Or yours! You should get one. Cause like I said they're waaaaayyy cool.

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Track 5: Eyes to the Sky 

Funny how time changes your point of view. "Time can heal all wounds", or something like that is the saying right?

My last 3 records were not exactly depressing. Not at all. There were many joyous happy uplifting moments with the sad. Looking back all 3 were me dealing with my mothers death. Could've been a lot darker I guess. Lyrically they were me working shit out. Music has always been that for me. That's why I love it. It can transport you into another world. Make you remember moments. Make you feel…

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Track Four: Hey Hey 


Now we're having FUN!

I have such a multiple personality problem with music. I write a lot of pretty songs. Slow songs. Long slow burn epic songs. And straight ahead rock. I don't know. It doesn't bother me at all except everyone always asks you 'who do you sound like?' Fuck if I know. Me! 

And that wouldn't ever bother me except everytime you submit your music somewhere they want to know your genre and who do you sound like.... I'm not sure I have a genre. Singer songwriter? Sure. Rock? Ok…

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Track Three: Running Away 

This is my roots rock song. 

Tom Petty just passed away. I was so sad. I remember having his album 'Full Moon Fever' on near constant play one summer. And what musician wouldn't KILL for a 'Freefallin'? I don't know any. I would.

Tom Petty and John Mellencamp are two of my favorites. There's just something so honest and accessible in their music. Later the first Counting Crows album hit me the same way although a little more down in the mouth there was still 'Mr. Jones' and 'Rain King'. My band used to…

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Track Two: Fallen 

Fallen is a great song to see where the album could have gone. Who knows I might have a bunch like this hee hee.

This is one of the oldest pieces of music on the album. Actually just the acoustic guitar part. I came up with that little riff--man--probably during the 'Myself Again' record. I always thought it was cool. I never got it to go anywhere so I mainly used to play it just sitting around as a cool picking exercise. Even then most of the time I would trip myself up with the turnaround. I started…

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Track one: Find it Out 

I'm all the way done. So over the next few weeks leading up to the official release of the full album I will be posting the songs, in order, so you'll be able to hear them.

Tomorrow you'll be able to pre-order the album. There will be a few different options.  One for everybody!

Find it Out

I remember the day I came up with this. It was winter time and I was in my studio which was in my basement at the time. I have big windows looking out into the yard and it was one of those days where it snowed like…

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